In 2018, the usage rate of mobile payment rose to 69% and its transactions account for 32% of all, overtaking cash for the first time and greatly narrowed the gap with bank card payments, the willingness of using mobile-oriented service and pay directly with mobile phone generating great opportunities for global merchants to have more traffic, higher spending from Chinese and provide better service to them. Now by implementing 2paynow®, you can exploit this appealing t arget and share the benefit of future mobile eco-system accepted by Chinese consumer and all consumers around the world.

Why 2paynow?

All Scenarios Covered

8 different ways of payment solution covering 8 most frequently used scenarios, 2paynow is confident to adapt to all merchant requirements of accepting mobile payment from offline to online, from stand-alone to integration, from scan to be scanned, from WeChat Mini-Program to email link, plus the enablement with PMS, ECR, ERP, and E-Commerce, there must be a solution that matches your goal

Most Experienced

As the first adapter of Alipay, WeChat Pay, and their Marketing started from 2016, 2paynow is the most experienced Mobile Payment Eco-System, Provider in Europe with thousands of merchants in 23 European countries benefit from its stable, multi-functional and flexible platform, find out more on “Industry” page of how 2paynow helps merchants from retail to ticketing to hospitality to e-commerce and more.


Incremental sales is the key, 2paynow not only provide mobile payment acceptance but also covers every key element to achieve the incremental Chinese consumptions including Mobile Marketing, Instant Tax Refund, Incentive System, Mobile Ticketing, Lite E-Store and most importantly, you only need to log in one portal to manage all functions above to utilize the full power of mobile payment eco-system.


Mobile Payment

Full scenario mobile payment solutions covering both Alipay and WeChat Pay via Unified Static QR-Code, APP/POS terminal (Scan/Be Scanned), ECR Integration, Remote POS, Pay-via-Link, E-Shop Plug-in, All-in-one API, WeChat Mini-Program and official account Payment, In-App Sales.


Exclusive Tax Free experience with instant in-store refund powered by Zhima Credit® with no credit card guarantee needed, Flexible fee structure allows merchants to realize up to full amount refund to consumers, a full electronic stamp-free refund will be coming soon.


Fully mobilized e-Store adapted to WeChat Mini-Program, Alipay Mini-Program and HTML5 with WeChat Pay and Alipay integrated and launched automatically depends on different browsers, operation is easy with unified portal or ERP API/integration.


Thanks to payment, order and Tax Refund integration, our unique incentive and commission system adapted to Mini-Program and e-shop helps Tour Guides, KOLs and social medias to gain and manage their commission base on actual incremental sales


Integrated with world leading ticketing platform, 2paynow can help venues to onboard mobile ticketing via WeChat and Alipay quickly with also value-added service enabled like audio guide, parking, artwork introduction and e-commerce.


Mobile marketing is the key driver of mobile payment eco-system, 2paynow integrated mobile marketing kits help merchant manage marketing campaigns like coupons via Alipay Discover, WeChat Official Account, Ctrip and other OTA/O2O platforms.


2paynow Partners


21 Mar 2019

2paynow won WeChat Pay Europe Partner Award

Together with BNP Paribas and Wirecard, 2paynow won the award as one of the only three companies and also as the only Solution Provider in Europe.

15 Mar 2019

2paynow Speech on Baltic E-Comm Submit 2019

As invited by SEB, 2paynow participated the submit in Tallinn and delivered one of the keynote speeches of cross-border payment and e-commerce.

24 Dec 2018

The world first Chinese Embassy accept Alipay & WeChat Pay

2paynow helped Chinese Embassy of Belgium developed and ready to accept Alipay and WeChat Pay as the first mobile payment adapted embassy worldwide.

11 Apr 2018

Dutch Prime Minister Witnesses 2paynow & Alipay’s New Cooperation

As witnessed by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, 2paynow and Zhima Credit (Alipay) launch the first cooperation of realizing in-store tax refund in Europe by personal credit.

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